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Amazon India Launches 2 New Fulfilment Centres in Maharashtra; creates thousands of work opportunities

September 22, 2021 at 4:30 AM EDT

Doubles storage capacity in the State with more than 9 million cubic feet of storage space
Significantly expands its fulfilment network with a presence of 10 FCs in the State, to support over 1 lakh sellers

Mumbai, 23 September 2021: Amazon India, today, announced the expansion of its fulfilment network in Maharashtra with the launch of two new Fulfilment Centers (FC) in Mumbai and Pune, along with the expansion of an existing FC in Mumbai. The building in Mumbai will be a specialized fulfilment centre that will house products exclusively from the large appliances and furniture category. This infrastructure expansion will more than double Amazon’s overall storage capacity in the State with a total of 10 FCs offering more than 9 million cubic feet of storage capacity. This is equivalent to the size of over 100 Olympic swimming pools.

The boost in Amazon’s fulfilment capabilities with 2X the storage capacity from last year, will not only contribute to the economic growth in the State but will also benefit over 1 lakh sellers by empowering them to reach a larger customer base. It will in turn, help offer customers a wider selection of products and faster deliveries. The investment will also create diverse and meaningful work opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, especially for locals in the nearby regions. Hiring for these roles is already underway and will entail a variety of roles in its operations network, including full time and part time positions, with opportunities available to them for training and upskilling.

“Maharashtra has always been an important State for us, and the expansion reiterates our commitment to strengthen the local economy. This development will enable Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the State to expand their geographical reach and create unmatched opportunities for new businesses. Through each of our expansions, our focus is to offer our customers a wider variety of choices, faster deliveries, and a delightful shopping experience” said Prakash Dutta, Vice President, Customer Fulfilment Operations, Amazon India

Buildings across Amazon India’s fulfillment network are designed with state-of-the art technology, efficient building systems to minimize energy usage and on-site and off-site solar panels to produce solar power. Most buildings are designed to be net water zero with multiple initiatives such as rainwater collection tanks, recharge wells to replenish water into aquifers and sewage treatment plants to name a few. As an inclusive place to work, fulfilment centres are also being designed to make them accessible to people with disabilities.

The expansion in Maharashtra is a part of Amazon India’s plans to increase its fulfilment network and storage capacity by close to 40% across the country in 2021. Maharashtra has a significant Amazon fulfilment infrastructure and delivery network with a total of 10 fulfilment centres spread across 2 million square feet, 7 sort centres with more than 6 lakh square feet of sortation area, with an additional 200 Amazon owned and delivery service partner stations and thousands of ‘I Have Space’ (IHS) stores for its last mile network.  

Amazon India has over 60 FCs in the country with more than 43 million cubic feet of storage capacity with one of the most advanced fulfilment networks and sellers in India have been benefitting from Amazon’s expertise in fulfilment, reliable nationwide delivery, and customer service.  

Amazon India places tremendous value and prioritizes the well-being and safety of its people across its fulfilment network and continues to work closely with health officials to mitigate the challenges associated with COVID-19. The company is also hosting on-site vaccination camps and has vaccinated more than 2.8 lakh associates, employees, and their dependents, administered by licensed health care providers. 


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